Managed Security Services Help Clients Fight Cyber Crime

62% of information security executives surveyed by PwC use managed security services for cyber security

In today’s challenging cyber security environment, it takes an army of proven security experts to defend your organization. Our DefendEdge Managed Security Solutions team serves as an extension of your security operations team. We easily integrate into new or existing Client infrastructure or processes to proactively monitor external and internal environments to Prevent, Defend, Detect, and Respond to cyber crime. This cost effective solution helps Clients refocus their IT talent on mission critical initiatives and projects.

DefendEdge Fortinet Threatmap live

The Value in a Managed Security Partner

There are many benefits in choosing the right MSSP which includes quick and easy access to security analysts who deal with the common task of perimeter security first hand. In most cases your questions could be answered by a simple phone call or email to one of our analysts at no additional costs. In most cases you will be notified with details around the latest outbreak and how you are being protected. This is the difference of our proactive services compared to other competitors reactive services.

Simplify Audits

Your team spends less time on creating custom audit reports

Reduce Cost

Eliminate investing or hiring employees to build new capabilities

Reduce Risk

Leverage expert’s knowledge in business and technology to identify risk

Increase Productivity

Your team can focus on competing projects or critical support tasks

Our Managed Security Services

We understand your business is unique and require special attention to your operations. As a result, we focus delivering products and services that make sense and are cost effective from an operational model with maximum cyber threat protection to our clients perimeter security.

  • SIEM
  • Performance
  • Incidents
  • Custom Notifications
  • Reports
  • Policy
  • Configuration Changes
  • Version Control
  • Signatures
  • Health Check
  • Fine Tuning
  • Security Assessment
    (Virus, Malware, Phishing)
  • Sandbox Threat Testing

DefendEdge MSSP Offers


  • Firewall & Endpoint Protection Monitoring, Management, and Support – Real-time monitoring allows us to protect clients from multiple cyber-attack threat vectors
  • Security Log Management – Target and analyze relevant logs from applications, servers, and appliances
  • Escalation Management – Coordinate with client support teams or other vendors to help remediate and mitigate issues
  • Threat Intelligence – Scan the dark and deep web for client end user credentials or brand compromised data
DE MSSP How it Works

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