What’s Your Cyber Threat Vulnerability?

Discover Hidden Vulnerabilities with our Cyber Security Threat Assessment

In the past, it was easier to detect threats to applications and networks, because traffic was predictable and controlled, and hackers’ approaches were not as sophisticated as they are today. Our Cyber Assessment is specifically designed to quickly detect the evolving threats or configuration issues in your perimeter or application security, undetectable by other solutions. We can also help you increase threat visibility, while decreasing business risks and reputational damage.

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Our Cyber Threat Assessment is a coordinated engagement, does not require privileged access, and is non-intrusive to your web or application perimeter. At the conclusion of the assessment, you will receive a threat vulnerability report that will provide an analysis of your network security and application security controls. The report will also provide any remediation recommendations based on the discovery scans.

The Cyber Threat Assessment benefits include:

  • Easy to Start
  • No Impact to Users or Systems
  • Does Not Require Special or Admin Access
  • Identify potential threat vulnerabilities
  • Application Security, Network Security, Web Perimeter Security
  • Provides recommendation on Remediation or Mitigation
  • Report findings are ideal for Executives, CISO, Directors, Managers, and Auditors

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