Real-time threat protection for Salesforce collaboration files and URLs

Created with Salesforce

The solution has been created and designed together with Salesforce to ensure seamless integration.

No middleware needed

Thanks to cloud-to-cloud integration between Salesforce and F-Secure, no middleware or expensive IT deployment projects are needed.

Next-Generation Security

With real-time threat intelligence, smart cloud sandboxing and more, we provide more than a simple antivirus solution ever will.

Advanced Analytics

Rich reporting, advanced security analytics, and full audit trails ensure an efficient response to threats.

F-Secure Salesforce Threat Detection

Intuitive experience with customizable messaging for your Salesforce users.

Why F-Secure?
• F-Secure’s malware and ransomware detection capability is second to none
• We’re the only company that has won AV Test’s best protection annual award 5 times
• With multi-layer threat intelligence, real-time file analysis and smart cloud sandboxing

Cloud Protection is the leading solution for Salesforce content protection
• It is ideal for companies seeking to comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and FedRAMP
• It protects against recent Wannacry and Petya attacks
• F-Secure is a cyber security pioneer with over 100,000 corporate customers & almost 30 years of experience

Start protecting your most valuable asset, data, today! F-Secure Cloud Protection provides visibility and real-time protection against any harmful content in all Salesforce Clouds. Keep your organization safe and compliant.

F-Secure Salesforce Admin

Simple Administration = Reduced Complexity

With a few options you can immediately start protecting your content, customer data, and assets with F-Secure’s admin dashboard. Along with full visibility and analytic to help better understand potential threats.

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