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Long-term Partnerships & Collaboration translates to Successful Relationships

AT DefendEdge the two most important words in our culture are  “Client” and “Partnership”. We believe that our Clients deserve the highest quality service and technology to protect their organizations against cyber threats.  That requires high quality, productive partnerships with the DefendEdge Team, our Clients, and our technology vendors.

We also believe that by building a culture where our team is empowered to make a difference, that translates into success for our Clients.

Our commitment to our Clients is to serve as their partner, to work as a single team to help them understand their options, provide the appropriate advice, and execute against a realistic plan in order to achieve their organization goals. Our goal is to combine our experience and expertise, with the right Cyber Security solutions, efficient delivery, and management to provide you with a “White Glove” experience.

Our People

First thing to remember, in Cyber Security the differentiation is People & Experience

We strongly believe that the core asset of any business is highly performing people and teams, which is why we continue to invest in and develop our teams. By doing so, our Clients receive the highest level of White Glove service and experience.

In order to provide our Clients with a world-class experience, we place an emphasis on several key characteristics in our employees. Individuals must be able to demonstrate teamwork, aptitude, critical thinking, exceptional communication skills, willingness to learn, and experience in foundational technologies. Our team development program is unique to DefendEdge, and has been instrumental in providing associates the core understanding of our various client industries and cyber security solutions.

Our Leadership

Industry Diversity & Experience is our Differentiation

Our Leadership team has a depth of experience working in diverse industries that include: Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Education, Government, and others. Our Cyber Security experience in a variety of industries allows us to immediately understand the regulatory and compliance challenges, business drivers, communication routines, and goals that our Clients are dealing with organizational change management and program delivery.

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