3 Strategies in Selling your Information Security projects

By Advisory Team   With the latest and continued cyber-attacks, analysts, engineers, managers, and executives are scrambling to deploy solutions that will remedy their world, especially if they have an audit right around the corner. However, available resources – whether funding, people, or competing projects – are often the biggest challenges in any company, so don’t worry; you are not alone. Here are three successful and proven strategies we have used to help our clients prioritize projects.   Auditors Can …
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When will You be Breached?

By Advisory Team   For the last several years we have seen dozens if not hundreds of companies fall victim to some level of data breach. Those data breaches cause reputation damage, the company is often fined and/or is financially responsible to remediate customer impact, people lose their jobs, or even worse, the company is faced with a lawsuit. Data exposure is inevitable, so how your company responds is crucial to its success in overcoming it.   The Sky is …
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Managed Security Solutions

Our DefendEdge Managed Security Solutions team is considered an extension of our Clients security operations team. With our experience and ability to integrate into the various new or legacy existing Client solutions we can proactively monitor external and internal environments to offer Prevent, Defend, Detect, and Respond controls. This cost effective solution helps our Clients refocus on critical mission initiatives or projects.